Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve just been booked for surgery, with Dr Ho as my anaesthetist. What do I do?

Await contact from my practice rooms

My practice staff will SMS or email you shortly after you are booked for your procedure. Alternatively, if you would like to contact me beforehand, please call my practice on (02) 9460 8152 or email

My staff will provide you with personalised instructions, an online pre-anaesthesia assessment form, and information regarding the anaesthetic fee.

Fill out the online pre-anaesthesia questionnaire

Please do this promptly as directed by the office, as I require this information to formulate a specific anaesthetic plan.

Will Dr Ho contact me before my surgery?

On your pre-anaesthetic survey, you have the option to request a pre-operative phone call from me. Otherwise, I will email you specific information and instructions in the days prior to your surgery.

What time will my surgery be and when should I arrive?

I will not know the exact time of the operation at the time of your pre-operative phone call. Generally, the hospital will call you the afternoon prior to your booked surgery with a confirmed time of arrival. This tends to be at least 90 minutes prior to your surgery start time.

Please arrive promptly as the admission paperwork and pre-operative transfer to the operating theatres takes a long time.

How long should I fast for?

Please see the General patient information section for more details.

In summary, please do not take:

  • water for 2 hours
  • breastmilk for 4 hours (for babies)
  • everything else for 6 hours

prior to your time of arrival at hospital.

What should I bring with me on the day of my operation?

In addition to the checklist provided by the hospital, I will require you to bring:

  • Any specialist letters of correspondence (especially cardiologists or respiratory doctors) from the last year;
  • Your regular prescription medications, in case this is needed in the postoperative phase;
  • Any insulin medication (for people with diabetes);
  • Your CPAP machine (if you have obstructive sleep apnoea); and
  • Your denture container (as these will generally be removed for general anaesthesia).

Will my family/friends be contacted on completion of the operation?

Your surgeon or I will always endeavour to contact your next of kin on the completion of your operation. We do this to:

  • Give them an update and peace of mind; and
  • Let them know an approximate time when you may be either picked up (for day surgery), or visited on the ward (for inpatient surgery).

What is the cost of my anaesthetic?

Please see the patient information section on Anaesthetic fees.