Major breast operations (such as mastectomy) are associated with significant levels of post-operative pain. As such, I recommend a regional anaesthesia technique in addition to the general anaesthetic you receive as it will provide:

  • Better pain control: you will need less pain medicine.
  • Less side effects: you will have less chance of being itchy, nauseous, sleepy or having trouble going to the bathroom.
  • More rapid recovery: having your pain controlled will facilitate mobility, nutrition and rehabilitation from major chest and abdominal operations.


Chest Wall Blocks

For major breast surgery, I perform PECS (Pectoral and Serratus) blocks, usually as a single ultrasound-guided injection after you are put to sleep. Most patients wake up to minimal or no discomfort. This lasts for 8-16 hours, after which I prescribe appropriate oral medication to control your pain.

Please see the patient information section on Peripheral nerve blocks for more detailed information.